Perfect for those with unpredictable schedules, bundle credits are tracked digitally and tied to your Nefaire account.


  • Hydrafacial Bundle of 4

    A series of 4 Hydrafacial MD treatments will yield serious results comparable to low-level laser treatments.

  • 60-Min Signature Facial Pack of 4

    A series of 4 signature facial treatments will yield significant changes in your skin's texture, tone, and evenness.

  • 60-Min Signature Facial Pack of 6

    6 of our signature facial treatments will dramatically change your skin - also a perfect gift for those with more problematic skin.

  • 60-Min Massage Bundle of 4

    A bundle of our personalized massages is perfect for athletes or those on the go.

  • 60-Min Massage Bundle of 6

    6 sessions will greatly improve your mobility and help reduce chronic muscle pain.

  • 90-Min Massage Bundle of 4

    A bundle of extra long sessions that are personalized specifically for you.

  • 90-Min Massage Bundle of 6

    A bundle of 6 extra long sessions great for serious athletes.

  • 75-Min Signature Facial Bundle of 4

    A bundle of extended version of our Signature facial with extra time to focus on your skin specific needs - extractions, facial massage.

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