Member Q&A: Dana Paice, Bride to Be

“Ask questions during your facial! One of my favorite parts of starting my regimen with Wen was that she explained to me WHY she was doing what she was doing.” 

Dana Paice is a Nefaire member who also happens to prepping for her big wedding day. We caught up with her to get an inside look at what it’s like juggling her managerial role, while living a healthy lifestyle and planning for such a big event.

Hi Dana! Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I work as a Client Success Manager for, managing a team of 9 people who assist employers in advertising their jobs. I enjoy my role because it gives me the opportunity to make our clients feel taken care of and I get to help the people I manage grow in their careers! Since my day to day is focused on excellent customer service I have high service standards for the businesses I frequent.

I live in Norwalk, CT but am originally from Cape Cod! When I moved to Connecticut I needed to step up my skincare since I did not have the luxury of being beachside and in the saltwater everyday anymore. (Salt water fixes everything!)


We couldn’t agree more about the salt water! So how did you come across Nefaire? 

I came across Nefaire on google one day when my mom was visiting from out of state. We had a chunk of time to fill before our dinner reservation, so I wanted to treat my mom to a massage. Since this was a last minute idea, Nefaire didn’t have times that allowed both of us to finish our treatments by the time they closed, but remained open a bit later to accommodate us! I knew then that if this was how they treated a casual customer, I would receive amazing service as a member.

My favorite thing about coming in every month is getting to catch up with Wen and relax! My day to day is hectic but I try to remember that I can’t support the people who depend on me if I myself am running on fumes.


What are some skincare products that you just can’t live without? 

Vitamin C Serum from the Drunk Elephant – used every morning to wake my skin up and keep it bright.

La Neige overnight water gel sleeping mask – used once a week on Sunday night to start the week of hydrated



Besides Nefaire and skincare, what are some other things you do you keep on top of a healthy lifestyle? 

I exercise several times a week either in the gym or on my Peloton.

I drink a TON of water.

I try to eat whole foods and less sugar than I really want to have!


Any advice for some of our newer clients who haven’t had facials before? 

Ask questions! One of my favorite parts of starting my regimen with Wen was that she explained to me WHY she was doing what she was doing. Once I knew what to expect, I was truly able to let go and relax and not have my thoughts distract me. I’ve even fallen asleep once or twice because I was so blissed out.


Any tips/tricks you wanna share about prepping your skin for a big event?

I’ve learned that my skin is a living thing, and just as one workout won’t make me fit, one treatment won’t give me a flawless face. It takes continuous maintenance and attention to it’s well being. There are a few day of tricks, like silk pillowcases, sleeping on your back if possible, and timing your water intake to prevent puffiness that are good to employ for important days to look your best. Honestly though, I think looking your best comes from feeling your best, so loving the skin you’re in while trying to improve it is something that goes a long way, and shows on your face!