Fresh ingredients from The Kitchen.
A fresh approach to the spa experience.



One membership, all access

One annual membership fee

$39 annual fee gets you 15-20% off ALL Nefaire
services, and up to 15% off products

No worries, complete freedom

Come whenever you want or book wherever you want,
with no mandatory monthly visits.
No cancellation fees, no hassle. Just relaxation.

Tailored for your busy life

Come to the spa when you can, or book services
to you with our app, Nefaire Beauty Concierge (coming soon).
Our highly trained and vetted therapists, estheticians, and
artists can be at your door in as little as an hour


A Fresh experience

Designed for the Modern Day

The Kitchen

Fresh recipes using various clays, salts, oils and vegetables are whipped up in our own Kitchen area to be used in our services.

Modern Procedures

We’re all about natural, but we’re also fans of technology when it’s non-invasive. Our Hydrafacial treatment is a modern form of a microdermabrasion that’s less irritating and provides superior results.

Superior Service

Our estheticians and therapists take pride in what they do. Your experience is our top priority.

A Slice of Bliss

Take an hour out of your hectic life and treat yourself to a custom facial or massage. Book online or on your phone, and be back just in time for that important meeting.

Designed for You

We don’t do spa days. No jacuzzi or steam room here. We’re designed for the modern busy individual. We’re designed for you.