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  • Inventive Approach
  • Firm Touch

“I’m a dual-licensed massage therapist as well as esthetician. I specialize in personalized deep tissue work, and I take a results-oriented approach to skincare.”


  • Relaxing Style
  • Gentle Touch

“Acupressure massage is an essential part of a facial – it helps reduce tension and stress in your face muscles, while being highly relaxing. When you’re less stressed, you’ll look younger and breakout less.”


  • Detail Oriented
  • Firm Touch

“I believe great skin starts with a healthy routine – starting with consistent facials and good lifestyle habits.”


  • Firm Pressure
  • Therapeutic

“I specialize in deep tissue and therapeutic massage for both relaxation and pain management. I believe everyone should be getting a massage at least monthly to look and feel better.”


  • Relaxation
  • Swedish/Deep Tissue

“They say you can’t buy happiness, but you can buy a massage, and that’s basically the same thing. I’m into holistic healing, and I believe bodywork is an essential part of a healthy physical and mental lifestyle.”


  • Holistic Healer
  • Swedish/Deep Tissue

“I’m passionate about both skincare and massage. I believe true beauty is about being comfortable in your own skin, and how you treat your skin directly affects your overall health! My massage is more holistic, and I use my Reiki skills to bring healing and relaxation to the client.”


  • Therapeutic
  • Pain Management

“I specialize in therapeutic bodywork for busy and active people. I use firmer pressure, and I believe there’s nothing more healing than touch.”


  • Acupressure Massage
  • Swedish

“I believe in a holistic approach to wellness. I believe massage is not just a luxury, but it’s a way to healthy and happier life.”


  • Firm Pressure
  • Therapeutic

“I specialize in deep-tissue and pain management massage. Getting professional massages can help with injury prevention, fix postural imbalances, and help you live a better life. It is essential, not a luxury.”


  • Firm Pressure
  • Therapeutic

“I specialize in therapeutic techniques that can help with chronic pain. I believe massages help us feel and function at our absolute best.”


  • Firm Pressure
  • Therapeutic

“I look for the causes of any muscular or skeletal discomfort in order for my massage to provide the most pain alleviation. There’s nothing better in this career than being able to help someone both physically and emotionally.”

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