1.2 Hydration Facial Mask

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Our secret to dewy, hydrated skin. Bonus: We’ve been told it smells amazing šŸ‘ƒ

Our Skinfood 1.2 mask was designed with an oatmeal base, one of the most soothing ingredients we could find. The oatmeal base + aloe vera combo work to hydrate skin and reduce redness, while spirulina, a type of algae, helps your skin retain essential moisture.Ā 

Your skin will look brighter, dewier, and more supple over consistent use, when combined with the right lifestyle and regimen habits.Ā 

  • designed by estheticiansĀ 
  • tested on real peopleĀ 
  • alcohol and artificial fragrance-freeĀ 
  • includes our recs on lifestyle, diet, and regimen considerations for dry + dehydrated skin.Ā unsure if this is for you? take our skin quiz.


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Step 1

Fill cup provided with 1/3 product and 1/3 water (2 tsp. each), using the measuring spoon provided. Close the cup and shake to mix, or stir with a spoon until product becomes a creamy paste.

Step 2

For an at-home facial, apply paste over your entire face, and rinse after 8-10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly and gently, and follow up with a lightweight moisturizer and SPF.

Introducing Our At-Home Facial Mask Series

Key Ingredients



helps skin retain moisture



soothing and hydrating

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

reduces redness

Kaolin Clay

Kaolin Clay

gentle exfoliator + skin toner

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1 review for 1.2 Hydration Facial Mask

  1. Lauren

    I mainly like to use this as an overnight spot treatment. It works so well to take away redness and pull out the blemish. I just add a dot of it to spots and then sleep with it.

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