Introducing Our New Skin Profile Tool

Hi All! For those who aren’t new to Nefaire, you may have noticed our new Skin Quiz and facelift…….

For those who are new, welcome! If you haven’t checked out our Skin Quiz yet, make sure to take it for a spin!

Why We Built It

Many of the clients that come to us for facials also come to us for monthly advice on their skin, whether it’s on what’s breaking them out, what products they should be using, and what ingredients they should watch for. Being some tech-minded folk ourselves (hooray internet!), we thought “Gee, wouldn’t it be great if we could build the brains of our skin therapists into a platform that our clients could access, wherever they are?”

And thus, our Skin Quiz was born. We pooled together the minds of our expert skin therapists, data points from our clients, and the latest in clinical research to create an easy to follow, 13 question quiz that forms a digital snapshot of your unique skin identity. Our therapists use this profile to determine which combination of ingredients would be best suitable for your custom facial mask on-site, while the profile itself uses our algorithm-based recommendation engine to offer insights, tips, and relevant products and content. It’s sort of like having your skin therapist with you wherever you go, right on your laptop or phone.

Our Goal

Our goal with Nefaire is to build a skincare + wellness brand that’s honest, and most importantly, engaging with you.

We fundamentally disagree with how existing beauty brands are run, telling you that there’s a certain way that people should look, or that a specific regimen should work for your skin just because some celebrity uses it. We also think that the traditional spa structure is outdated and slow, and that we don’t need robes, candles, and “tranquility rooms” – we want Nefaire to not only be a place where you get facials and massage, but a source of confidence, knowing that you can rely on our expert advice and content to help you live well and put your best face forward.

As former acne sufferers who had been through topicals, antibiotics, crazy diets, and even Accutane, we built Nefaire to cut through the BS with honest advice, proven skincare regimens, and powerful natural products. Let us know what you think!

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