About Us


When we worked in corporate, we would face all types of health issues after 75-90 hour work weeks. Acne breakouts from an overload of stress, and chronic back pain from sitting at a desk too long were frequent issues that plagued us.

Pain pills and visits to the dermatologist offered temporary relief, but just like a good workout plan, we knew that “quick fixes” would not provide a lasting solution for the long term. We had tried everything – from antibiotics to Accutane for our skin, to surgery for pain caused by muscular imbalances.

As we researched different ways to treat these ails, we started to come across natural solutions that have been around for centuries. Natural ingredients, from green tea to various clays that help skin heal, to natural massage therapy to relieve tension and stress in muscles were things that seemed to provide lasting benefits. Most importantly, the physiological effect from just being destressed and relaxed provided extraordinary results.

We created Nefaire as a modern experience utilizing these natural elements. Nefaire, derived from the Ancient Egyptian word “Nefer” meaning “wellness and goodness”, pays homage to the ancient techniques and ingredients used for centuries. In our Kitchen, we fresh make clays, creams, and masks to help skin naturally look its best, while our experienced massage therapists use targeted pressure to help correct bad posture and overactive muscles as a result of the modern desktop lifestyle.

We invite you to come experience Nefaire and see why we’re a fresh approach to the spa experience. Book online or give us a call today at (203) 349-5079.